Deposit Free Holiday Bookings!

Thinking about Summer holidays but worried about COVID-19, and don’t know what to do for the best? We’re a little bit the same – none of us know what the immediate future holds for us, but we’re staying positive and hoping that we’ll be over the worst of the crisis by the Summer. We don’t want any of our guests to commit to booking and paying a deposit for their holiday, but recognise that everyone needs something to look forward to in these strange times, so we’re offering deposit free holiday bookings here at Mena Farm for Summer 2020!

We’re still closed in line with Government guidance and expect to be until the beginning of July at least, but we’d like to offer you the chance to reserve your Summer holiday dates with us for free – just give us a call on +44 (0)1208 831845, and we’ll happily book you in with no commitment. Plus it’s good to talk and we’re missing our lovely campers!

Once we have more certainty about opening dates, we’ll be in touch to confirm your reservation and take your deposit or balance payment if it is due.

Please note, if you book on our website, I’m afraid you’ll be charged £1 as our system won’t allow a zero value, but this will be refunded if we’re unable to honour your booking due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Here at Mena Farm, the sun has been shining every day since the lockdown, and we’ve been busy catching up on all our overdue Winter jobs. Our shower block renovations are all finished and it looks amazing, and our new washing up block is progressing well. The piggies have been moved to a new paddock and enjoying the fresh grazing there, and the chickens have been allowed out to free-range. They’ve been getting very brave and following us around the site whilst we’ve been mowing, pruning, weeding and seeding. The site is looking beautiful, so we’re a bit sad that there’s no-one else here to enjoy it!

We’re continuing to post regular updates on our Facebook page, so please check in with us from time to time. We are watching the situation carefully, and will be in contact with any of our campers affected by the ongoing certainty.

Please look after yourselves – sending love and best wishes from Mena, Ali, Neil & Ollie x


Posted on: 31st March 2020

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