Campsite Etiquette

Mena Farm is a quiet, peaceful campsite for lovers of big skies, starry nights, campfires, wildlife and nature…

We limit on-site signage to legal stuff as we rely on your common sense, but sometimes it helps to have a little reminder of campsite etiquette, particularly if you’re new to camping….

  1. Check-in: We have strict check-out and check-in times so that we can do our chores and keep the site nice and tidy for you. We love that you are excited about your holidays at Mena, and we’re always excited to meet our guests, but please do not aim to arrive earlier than 2pm for campers, or 5pm for self-catering and glamping. We don’t have enough space for cars to park up and wait, nor to store your trailer or caravan until check-in. If you do arrive early, you will be asked to leave and come back at the correct time. We know you’ve had a long journey and just want to pitch up and relax, but please understand that the more we’re interrupted, the later your check-in will be. Reception closes at 7pm. If you are running late, then please call us, but please note that we do not accept any arrivals after 9pm – we’re getting on a bit and need our beauty sleep. More importantly, we don’t want our other guests to be disturbed.
  2. Covid: in this strange Covid era, please bring lots of patience and your sense of humour if things take a little longer than usual. Please remember that some people may be more or less worried about the virus than you, so please respect and follow our guidance to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind whilst on-site.
  3. Pitching: our pitches are very generous, so there is no need for you to pitch right on the border with your neighbour. Smile and say hello on arrival, pitch from the centre out and don’t build a wall around you – you might make some new friends! By law, you must pitch at least 6m away from your neighbour, and within 2.5m of the pitch boundary.
  4. Quiet Time: by all means, enjoy a G&T/glass of wine/beer or five and a quiet chat around the firepit of an evening, but no noise between 10pm and 9am please.
  5. Music: not everyone will share your taste in music, TV viewing or radio station – if your neighbour can hear it, it’s too loud. Please turn it off by 10pm.
  6. Speed Limit: we share our driveway with our lovely neighbours and their horses, so in order to avoid them, the elderly, the young, any runaway pets, and those that have over-indulged on the local cider, please adhere strictly to the 5 mph speed limit in place. Please minimise engine noise and car movements between 10pm and 8am.
  7. Ball Games & Kites: due to the power lines which cross a section of the lower field, ball games and kite-flying are restricted to the main camping field, but please steer clear of tents and vans.
  8. Flying Gadgets: the use of drones and other remote-controlled flying gadgets are not permitted on-site – they’re intrusive and more than a little bit irritating to us, never mind your fellow campers.
  9. Children: little people are the sole responsibility of their parents or guardians and should be supervised at all times. If your child is too small to reach the taps on the washbasin, they’re too young to be in the shower block on their own. Children under 11 years of age must be accompanied to the toilets/showers by a parent or guardian.
  10. Shower Block: this is a communal space for everyone. Washbasins are for washing hands and faces, and showers cubicles are for getting dressed/undressed in. No one wants to see you washing your feet in the sink or wandering around in your undies. Please be considerate to other users.
  11. Pets: we love happy, friendly doggies at Mena, but we hate their poo! While pooches must be tethered at all times in the main camping field, they have 11 acres to run free, but you must pick up after them wherever you are on-site. It is best to leave any noisy dogs at home to protect your home. No dogs in the shower block please, except guide dogs. Other pets are welcome on-site, but only in your own accommodation. Please don’t use our pet pigs and chickens as target practice, they don’t like it very much and neither do we.
  12. BBQ’s and Firepits: these are camping essentials but you must follow our safety guidance on-site. Please don’t forage for fallen sticks or vandalise our trees as they’re important for our wildlife habitat. We rent firepits on-site, but please empty before returning them.
  13. Cleanliness: please leave all our facilities and your pitch in the condition you would like to find them. Leave no trace behind when packing up – please pick up all litter and tent pegs and take it with you. Our campsite is also our garden so please respect it and the hard work it takes so that you can enjoy it.
  14. Recycling: we do our very best to protect our wildlife and nature, to minimise waste and to maximise recycling on-site. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to do the same, so please recycle as much as you can. Please take any broken or discarded camping gear home with you, or to the recycling centre in Lanivet. We are fined for such items being placed in our bins.
  15. Visitors: in the interests of health and safety, ALL guests and visitors must report to reception on arrival, and vacate the site by 9pm.
  16. Departure: check-out is midday for campers (long enough for a lie-in, breakfast and pack-up), 10am for self-catering and glamping.

We welcome you to Mena and want you to have a great time time, but please don’t upset your neighbours, or our wildlife. Please remember that school holidays are for families and little people. We love hearing the children play, but if you don’t, then please come and stay with us another time.

Our full T&Cs can be found here.

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